Changes in this release:

Type Tool Description
Enhancement Make Overlay
Print Languages
PRN File Analyse
Soft Font Generate
Status Readback
Symbol Set Generate
For those tools which can generate reports (not to be confused with capturing print job test data to a file), the reports may now be saved in html format, or xml format, instead of plain text format.

The html format reports contain in-line style definitions; this has the benefit (for the Make Overlay and PRN File Analyse tools) that the saved report can include the same colour coding as used in the in-application on-screen display.

The xml format reports also contain style definitions, within in-line XSLT templates, which means that these reports can also include (for relevant tools) colour coded data when viewed via a suitable browser; note that (at present) the Microsoft browsers (Edge and Internet Explorer do not support in-line XSLT.
Enhancement Print Languages Some of the generated reports are very wide (i.e. they can contain a large number of text characters per line), which can make them difficult to print; the option is provided to 'wrap' the output from certain of these reports, by outputting the data associated with certain columns separately.
For the Symbol Sets report, this applies to the mapping details (if requested) of relevant sets; previous versions (which only provided text output) always wrapped these fields.
For the Fonts report, this applies to the supported symbol sets details (if requested) of each font.
Enhancement Print Languages
Soft Font Generate
Reports generated by these tools include some columns which display boolean values; options are provided to show these values in the saved reports using ballot-box characters (as per the in-application on-screen display), or plus and minus characters, rather than the text strings "true" and "false".
Error clearance Make Overlay The help file did not make it clear that the colours applied to entries in the Results panel are controlled via the colour coding options in the PRN File analyse tool.
Error clearance PRN File Analyse The help file described the new colour coding options, but they were not indexed from entries on the Contents or Index tabs in the help dialogue.