Changes in this release:

Type Tool Description
Error clearance Font Sample If the Show User-defined code-points option was selected, in order to show the target Unicode code-points (in hexadecimal) at the top of each cell in the printed grid, the values were printed in the wrong rows or columns (dependent on whether the grid selected was horizontal or vertical) if the Show C0 control characters option was not also selected.
This fault occurred if the Print language selected was PCL, but not with PCL XL.
Error clearance Font Sample If the symbol set selected was Unicode, the Offset values available with certain of the Text Parsing Methods did not allow selection of 0000 (i.e. no offset), although this could effectively be selected by deselecting all other values.
Enhancement Font Sample The Show User-defined code-points option has been renamed as Show UCS-2 in this release.
The values (printed at the top of each cell in the grid) are now prefixed by "U+" to indicate that they are Unicode (UCS-2) values (e.g. U+0041, U+00A9, U+20AC).
The option is now available if the symbol set selected is Unicode; it was previously only available if a User-defined symbol set file was specified.
Enhancement Font Sample A new Show UTF-8 option is available to complement the Show UCS-2 option.
It causes the UTF-8 equivalents of the target Unicode code-points (either native, or as defined by the mapping in the specified symbol set file) to be printed at the bottom of each cell in the printed grid.
The values are shown as hexadecimal strings, prefixed by "0x" (e.g. 0x41, 0xc2a9, 0xe282ac).
The option is only available if the symbol set selected is Unicode, or if a User-defined symbol set file was specified.
Enhancement Print Area Custom paper sizes can now be defined and used.
Enhancement Print Area Additional standard paper sizes (including some common envelope and card sizes) are now available for selection.
Enhancement Print Area The tool can now (optionally) generate duplex test print jobs, rather than just the simplex jobs generated by previous versions.
Enhancement Print Languages Option added to display a list of common Paper sizes; brief details of each size are shown.
Enhancement Soft Font Generate The Log panel now contains four tabs (Donor, Mapping, Target, Chars), instead of two, and additional details are logged.
Enhancement Soft Font Generate For PCL fonts, the default style and stroke weight attributes, in the absence of suitable values being obtained from the PCLT table (if it exists in the donor font) are now derived from relevant entries in the OS/2 table.
Enhancement Soft Font Generate For PCL fonts, the values of the style and stroke weight attributes (derived from entries in the PCLT table, or elsewhere), are displayed in the dialogue and can be modified before the soft font is generated.
Enhancement - This version of the application is released as a 'Click-Once' application, which will automatically check for future updates.
Previous versions were released as stand-alone executable files, with a separate download for the associated Help file.