Changes in this release:

Type Tool Description
Enhancement Font Sample A choice may now be made between horizontal and vertical grid layouts; only the former was used in previous versions.
Enhancement Font Sample If the symbol set selected is unlikely to be one of those supported by the currently selected named unbound font, a warning message is displayed.
Error clearance Make Overlay With some print files, the tool reported that a terminating Universal Exit Language escape sequence had been removed, but the sequence was retained in the generated overlay (rendering the overlay invalid).
Enhancement Print Area Minor changes have been made to the explanatory text printed on the generated pages.
Enhancement Print Languages For the Fonts selection, an option is now provided to show the symbol sets supported by each of the fonts.
The symbol set lists shown are not definitive - they are the most probable values, based on those found on modern devices.
Enhancement Print Languages Added some additional entries to the lists shown in the Fonts and Symbol sets tables.
Error clearance PRN File Analyse When interpreting the data associated with a PCL Configure Image Data sequence, the interpretation of the Pixel Encoding byte for value 3 was wrongly shown (as Direct By Plane rather than Direct By Pixel).
Enhancement PRN File Analyse The caption on the header of the Offset column now indicates the currently selected option for how the offsets are to be shown (as decimal or hexadecimal values).
Error clearance Soft Font Generate The tool stopped with an error, indicating that the OS/2 table was too small, if the donor TrueType / OpenType font used the original version (zero) of that table (the current version is five).
Enhancement Soft Font Generate An option is now provided to force the GT segment to be the last segment (apart from the null segment) in the generated font header of PCL fonts.
This option is provided because some printers (e.g. LaserJet M401, LaserJet M475) appear to ignore PCL fonts of format 15 generated by the tool (where the standard action does not place that segment last).
Note that other printers (e.g. LaserJet 1320, LaserJet 4300, LaserJet M553) recognise these fonts regardless of the order of the segments, and that all of the above mentioned-devices recognise the equivalent format 16 variants regardless of the order of the segments.
Error clearance Status Readback With some printers, attempts to read PJL Status Readback responses resulted in a 'time-out' being reported; a response was actually read, but it was not in the format expected (and as returned by other devices), so it was not reported.