Changes in this release:

Type Tool Description
Enhancement Print Languages
PRN File Analyse
Minor additions to lists of known PCL sequences.
Enhancement Print Languages
Soft Font Generate
Minor additions to lists of known mapped symbol sets.
The mapped sets now recognised are for symbol set identifiers 0N, 0U, 1T, 2N, 5N, 6N, 7H, 8U, 9N, 10N, 10U, 11N, 12N and 19U.
Enhancement PRN File Analyse For PCL5 complex sequences with discrete (limited-value-set) values, the analysis now provides an indication if unknown/illegal values are encountered.
Enhancement PRN File Analyse PCL5 control code characters <BS>, <HT>, <LF>, <FF>, <CR>, <SO> and <SI> are now shown separately in the analysis.
In earlier versions they were just shown within Data strings, the representation depending on the current display option for non-graphic characters .
Error clearance PRN File Analyse The application crashed during analysis of a PCL XL print stream if TextData held as a Uint16_array datatype included characters in the C0 control-code range (0x00 -> 0x1f) and the display option for non-graphic characters requested use of mnemonics.
Error clearance PRN File Analyse The application could crash if the file to be analysed was already open in another application.