Faults reported in this release:

Fixed? Tool Description Symbol Set Generate The internally-defined mapping associated with the current selected preset donor symbol set is erroneously over-written with any changes made to the mapping prior to generating a target user-defined symbol set file.
To revert to the original pre-defined mapping, it is necessary to exit from and relaunch the application. Symbol Set Generate If the donor mapping is selected from a user-defined symbol set file, the extracted mapping erroneously over-writes the internally-defined mapping associated with the previously-selected preset donor symbol set.
To revert to the original pre-defined mapping, it is necessary to exit from and relaunch the application. Soft Font Generate The pitch value set in a generated PCL soft font header is taken from the xAvgCharWidth item in the OS/2 table in the donor TrueType font.
It should be taken from the advance width of the glyph associated with the space code-point (U+0020), if this glyph is present with a non-zero advance width.. PRN File Analyse When decoding downloaded soft font characters, the tool erroneously reports a size inconsistency with some bitmap characters, if the characters are described using class 2 (compressed bitmap) rather than class 0 (bitmap). PRN File Analyse The application crashes during analysis if the Display non-graphic characters and spaces as mnemonics option is selected, and data in the file being analysed includes space characters.
This error was introduced inadvertently with some (supposedly) simple restructuring of the code at version Make Overlay The tool may generate an overlay file which is blank (except for inserted header and/or trailer sequences) if the (PCL) source print file includes control-code characters (such as CarriageReturn), but otherwise has no page-marking primitives (e.g. text, raster image) before the standard initialisation escape sequences (such as 'set orientation') normally associated with the first (or only) page.
This causes the tool to (erroneously) assume that a subsequent page (to be discarded) has been started. PRN File Analyse PML sequences embedded in PJL DMINFO statements are always analysed, regardless of the setting of the PJL option on the PML tab of the Set options dialogue. PRN File Analyse The application could loop if the file to be analysed contains PCL which set the Text Parsing Mode to one of the multi-byte modes, and subsequent multi-byte data characters straddle a 'read-block' boundary. PRN File Analyse When interpreting the data associated with a PCL Configure Image Data sequence, the Palette Size derived from the Bits Per Index value is double what it should be.
For example, a Bits Per index value of 2 shows the Palette Size as 8, when it is actually 4. PRN File Analyse If the file to be analysed contains a SM (Symbol Mode) HP-GL/2 command which specifies an alphabetic character, the command is not interpreted correctly, and following commands (up to the next escape sequence) are also rejected. Soft Font Generate If the target mapping specifies a binding of 'User set', but the selected font is then found to use 'Symbol' encoding, the binding is correctly reset to 'Bound' (with a comment indicating the encoding), but details of the originally selected User-defined Symbol Set file (no longer relevant) are still displayed. Soft Font Generate If the target mapping specifies a binding of 'Unbound', the target soft font is PCL5 format, the donor TrueType font contains a PCLT table, and a PCLT treatment other than 'Ignore' is selected, then the symbol set identifier (in a read-only field) to be used in the soft font header is erroneously changed from '1X' (reserved for unbound fonts) to '18N' (Unicode).