Faults reported in this release:

Fixed? Tool Description PRN File Analyse The application crashes during analysis if the Display non-graphic characters and spaces as mnemonics option is selected, and data in the file being analysed includes space characters.
This error was introduced inadvertently with some (supposedly) simple restructuring of the code at version Soft Font Generate If the font header, or any segment in the header, exceeds 65535 bytes in length (as can be the case for a large font), the font header download sequences are incorrect, leading to corruption of the generated font. Soft Font Generate The files generated for PCL6 (PCL XL) fonts are named with double .sfx.sft extensions instead of just .sfx. Form Sample The first time that this tool is loaded, an error message indicating that "DefaultFilePCL5Main.ovl" does not exist is displayed.
Once a valid filename has been selected, the message will not re-occur. Make Overlay The first time that this tool is loaded, the application crashes!
The circumvention is to create a DWORD registry name/value pair, with a name of MacroId (where the 6th character is a capital I (as in Identifier)), and a value of your choosing (in the range 0 --> 32767), in the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PCLParaphernalia\Tools\MakeOverlay\PCL5 PRN File Analyse When analysing a PCL XL print stream, the enumerated values associated with the CustomMediaSizeUnits attribute are not interpreted.
For reference, the values & interpretations are:
  • 0 = inch
  • 1 = millimeter
  • 2 = tenths of a millimetre