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Faults reported in this release:

Fixed? Tool Description PRN File Analyse If the file to be analysed ends with one or more HP-GL/2 commands, but the last command is not terminated by a ; (semi-colon) character, the last command is not interpreted correctly. Soft Font Generate The application generates a font with an invalid header if glyph zero in the donor TrueType font is empty (i.e. defines no contours).
Circumvention is to use a suitable hexadecimal editor to remove the GC (Galley Character) segment from the generated font header, then adjust the header Checksum byte; analysing the generated font file with the PRN File Analyse tool, with the Analyse Font headers option selected, can be used to determine the position of the segment and to calculate the new checksum once the segment has been removed. Soft Font Generate The application crashes if Save Log is invoked when the selected TrueType font is not an installed font.
Circumvention is either to 'install' the TrueType font and use that as the donor, or to copy the data from the Main and Chars tabs of the Log panel and paste it into a text (e.g. NotePad) document.